Yamaha PSR-R200 Review: An Affordable yet Powerful Keyboard


The Yamaha PSR-R200 is an affordable and easy-to-use portable keyboard that packs a lot of features into its slim design. Here’s an in-depth Yamaha PSR-R200 review to help you decide if this keyboard is right for you.

Built-in Features and Sounds

  • 500 Timbres: The Yamaha PSR-R200 has 500 tones that cover a wide range of instruments from pianos and organs to strings, brass and synth sounds. These tones can be layered and split across the keyboard for versatile playing.
  • 144-note Polyphony: The R200 has a high 144-note polyphony, meaning it can play up to 144 notes at the same time without any dropout.
  • 200 Rhythms: 200 built-in rhythms give your performance an automatic accompaniment in a variety of styles from pop, rock, jazz and more.

Ease of Use and Controls

The PSR-R200 features a simple set of controls that make it very beginner friendly:

  • 2.7 inch LCD display: Shows information about selected tones and rhythms clearly.
  • 8 Demo Songs: Listen to demo songs that demonstrate the different keyboard features.
  • 15 Lesson Songs: Learn how to play songs with the built-in interactive lesson function.
  • 510 Buttons: Hands-on control of volume, tempo, pattern and more.
  • Record Function: Record your performance and playback.

Additional Functions

  • Mega Chord Function: Lets you play lush chords with a single finger.
  • Transpose Function: Shift the entire keyboard up or down in semitone increments.
  • Touch Response: Choose from 3 touch sensitivities based on your playing style.
  • USB to Device: Connect to a computer via USB to use as a MIDI controller, backup data and more.

In summary, the Yamaha PSR-R200 provides incredible value for a beginner or budget-conscious keyboardist thanks to its vast instrument selection, intuitive controls and versatile functions. For under $200, you’d be hard pressed to find a more feature-packed portable keyboard.


  • Great value for money
  • Huge range of tones and rhythms
  • Simple and intuitive controls


  • Plastic casing feels a bit cheap
  • Small LCD display

Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable keyboard to learn on, experiment with or perform casual songs, the Yamaha PSR-R200 is an excellent choice.